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Differentiate from competition: Convince your customers easily

  • Safety, design and functionality are a given criteria
  • Have a smart, innovative product
  • "Feeling and being safe during all rides" is an easy message to sell
  • A crash sensor is a solid value-added and a clear differentiation

Our solution

A crash helmet sensor with connected mobile app optimised for outdoor helmets such as cycling, equestrian and wintersport helmets.

It can be either mounted on existing helmets or integrated. The prestigious brands Uvex and Alpina already benefit from our integrated solution.

Who we are

We are Tocsen, founded in January 2019, an innovative start-up based in Freiburg, Germany.

Our mission: Making outdoor sports safer every day.

We bundle cutting-edge electronics and app-development competence in a fast and agile team.

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Christian Mai

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