Smart crash sensor
for your helmet.

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Integrated or Retrofitted.

Integrated into your helmet

  • More and more helmet manufacturers are integrating the Tocsen into their products.
  • Rechargeable providing 3 months of battery life based on normal usage thanks to the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology.
  • Protected from dust, dirt and water.
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    Gear up your helmet

    Fahrradhelm mit aufgeklebtem Tocsen Sturzsensor
    • Suitable for all helmets, whether cycling or winter sports. Simply stick it on the helmet behind your ear.
    • Connects to the App if you crash to raise the alarm and get help when you can't.
    • As waterproof as an otters pocket. (IP67)
    • In two colors: pink and black

      Tocsen Hero

      You'll never ride alone

      In the event of a crash alert, all Tocsen users in your vicinity will be alerted: A Hero Nearby could be your first responder. Whether on bikes, snow, hooves or on foot the sooner you are found the better.

      Install the app, be a hero

      “I was seriously injured in a mountain bike accident”

      Our friend Tom had a broken neck despite wearing a helmet. He suffered memory loss and intermittent loss of consciousness, hikers found Tom by accident and saved him. He was lucky. We don't want any more coincidences!

      Portrait von Tom